There are forces in the world which seek division and misunderstanding. Yesterday (November 25th, 2016) we lost one of our great voices – our saints, in the struggle against them. Over the course of her 84 years, Pauline Oliveros was a sonic traveler who sought knowledge, unity, and creative advancement – always taking great lengths to use her discoveries as tools to build a better world.

Oliveros was among the most striking visionary voices in the Post-War American avant-garde. Not only did she advance multiple fields within experimental sound – particularly tape music, field recording, electronic music, and synthesis, sculpt an entirely singular body of work (with voice, accordion, and beyond), and develop a number of new compositional approaches, her ideas and philosophies have completely remolded the way we understand our relationship to sound, and its organization as a participatory act. Though her name is rarely spoken beyond our ranks, she changed and touched the entire world.

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