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Grandmother Power | Daily Good

11 Minute Read

In the last 20 years, photojournalist Paola Gianturco has documented women’s lives in 62 countries and created five philanthropic books that celebrate and advocate for women around the world. We met over a long lunch this winter, to discuss her work and many things grandmother-related.

Read the full story here: Grandmother Power | Daily Good

East Meets East | Loading Docs

3 Minute Read

The honest musings of a Chinese grandmother brings an unseen community into the spotlight. 79-year-old Fang Ruzhen immigrated to Auckland to help raise her grandchildren. Seventeen years on, English is still a foreign language, but she has found community with other elderly Chinese grandparents through her daily ritual of riding the bus to the Asian …

Read the full story here: East Meets East | Loading Docs

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