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‘Dyeing your hair pink at 59 just stops you becoming invisible’

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I’ve worked with the world’s most beautiful women as a make-up artist for more than 25 years: Princess Diana, Kate Moss, and Brooke Shields for her first cover at 14 years old. Maybe that’s why, at 59, looking 10 years younger isn’t enough for me. I want to look 15 years younger, which is exactly what dyeing my hair pink has done.

Yes, at my age, a bold colour switch is all part of my journey to going grey, but I’ve decided to keep it pink (or maybe purple or some other crazy colour), before I eventually turn to a chic fox-white. Besides, I’m single, and I can do what I like.

Read the full story here: 'Dyeing your hair pink at 59 just stops you becoming invisible'

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