Sophie Parkin

  • It is ten years since I published The Colony Room Club 1948-2008 book, almost nine years since Jan Vink and I took over the lease of the crypt in Tower Hill/Aldgate and made it into the Vout-O-Reenees arts club. […]

  • ‘If lockdown has taught us one thing worth remembering in 2020, it is how much we have missed eating and drinking with friends and family. To enjoy being human is to share food, drink and the exchange of c […]

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    To make it through a pandemic – if you are me –
    You will need:
    A telephone, modern mobile pref
    Some books, assorted 50-100 – fiction, poetry, short stories, history, philosophy, autobiog, art, various d […]

  • Sophie Parkin is a writer, artist and poet. Her most recent book is A History of Soho’s The Colony Club. She owns an artist club in East London Vout-o-Reenees. During the lockdown, she’s taken to the cocktail shak […]

  • Sophie Parkin questions remarkable photographer, John Claridge who was born in Plaistow. His new book East End shows a part of London that we have forgotten but he has not.
    How old are you and how old do you […]

  • There are disadvantages, My lack of Algebra,

    But how you could do the maths.

    When adding up all this used time,

    Equations disappear like a boy-racer on the run

    Sums dawdle and toddle in a toyshop rhyme.

    I […]

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