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Celebration of the Circle

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I’m not menopausal anymore
I am bleeding again for now
So it’s just been a temporary stop
A foretaste of what is to come

My age has reversed
So it’s not always linear
There are circles, U-turns and diversions
Every now and then

Age comes and goes
In roundabout ways
And for now I just got younger

But age will come and catch me again
And the bleeding will stop
For the circles I go around in
Are not endless

It’s not always anticlockwise
Though there might be timeless wisdom
Inside that time-thing somewhere

And I love going round in circles
And ignore the line that moves
Me and my age onwards and upwards

But one day I know
That that line will win over the circle
And age will get me
Even if I dance

Though dance I will
As a resistance to the linear
A kind of circular opposition
And a celebration of the circle
That allows me to come and go

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