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Lonely Clothing Hires 56-Year-Old Lingerie Model

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“Forget stereotypes, if someone looks good in your gear, shine a light on them.” New Zealand’s Lonely clothing brand has a new ad campaign that’s turning heads. 56-year-old Mercy Brewer is the star of the brand’s SS17 lingerie presentation, making ageism the latest taboo for the indie label to break. Lonely is known for its inclusive marketing, from its retouch-free autumn/winter 2016 campaign to its Instagram feed of customers wearing their lingerie in everyday life.

Read the full story here: Lonely Clothing Hires 56-Year-Old Lingerie Model

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1 thought on “Lonely Clothing Hires 56-Year-Old Lingerie Model

  1. Bravo!I say big ups to Lonely (thou not sure I like that name).I am 59yrs old,divorced but not at all lonely (lol),I also have a heart& body of a 30yr old(so I’m told.It would be nice to have more role models like Mercy Brewer here in South Africa, particularly in our black communities, yes indeed we do have them but they are downplayed or should I say they are not exposed or even given that opportunity.Maybe your magazine or even some brand like Lonely can one day explore that hardly visited avenue.I thank you!

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