5 mn read

Decluttering his Paintings for Charity – Ray Postill

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Have you tackled ‘de-cluttering’ your life yet? It seems to be something many of us face up to in later life. Those precious mementoes from holidays with the dear departed that we’ve treasured for years in the hope of leaving as a legacy to a grateful offspring … suddenly don’t seem as desirable to the […]

7 mn read

AofA People: Alex Rotas – photographer, speaker and writer.

Posted in Advantages of Age

7 mn read Alex Rotas is a photographer, speaker and writer. She’s an activist on the active ageing front. She takes photographs of people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond so that society can receive the idea that so much more is possible than the ageist media tropes allow for. Age I’m 74 Where do you […]

5 mn read

Advantages of Age Awards 2023 – why are they still so fucking needed?

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Yes, we’re having an Awards Ceremony on Nov 23rd at Hoxton Hall and they will be fun, flamboyant and fierce. And there will be dancing to reggae and world music by two of our wonderful members who are both DJs, Becca Leathlean and Debbie Golt. Yes, these awards are to celebrate getting older with panache, […]

2 mn read

AofA People: Roger Robinson – Author & Poet

Posted in Advantages of Age

2 mn read Roger Robinson is a British writer, musician and performer who lives between England and Trinidad. His book A Portable Paradise (Peepal Tree Press) won the prestigious T S Eliott Prize 2019. He is the second writer of Caribbean heritage to win the prize, the highest value award in UK poetry, after Derek Walcott who won the 2010 […]

5 mn read

When Musician and Producer Youth, Hit North Wales

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Martin Glover better known by his stage name Youth, is a British record producer and musician, best known as a founding member and bassist of the rock band Killing Joke. He is also a member of the Fireman, along with Paul McCartney. Recently, he arrived for a five day tour of North Wales. Contributor, Elizabeth Shanley found a way to […]

5 mn read

AofA People: Ian Marchant – Writer, Broadcaster and Performer

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Ian Marchant is an English writer, broadcaster and performer. He is best known for his non-fiction—mainly travel and memoir—but he has also written two novels and several other books, as well as short stories and newspaper articles. Following the completion of Parallel Lines and The Longest Crawl he has been invited to contribute to several […]

5 mn read

Woodstock or Bust – How a Hat Designer Started a Revolution

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Mindy Fradkin aka Princess Wow has been involved in the arts her whole life as a performer of Hat’s Entertainment, with her designer hats as props, as a singer/songwriter with her wasband ex Roland Mousaa, former radio show host, music promoter and founder of the Smile Revolution which raises conscious awareness of the healing power […]

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