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Just the Pics, Please: Rebel Cultures | Hint Fashion Magazine

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Photographer Janette Beckman began her career in the UK at the birth of punk, working for seminal magazines including The Face and Melody Maker. She shot bands and musicians from The Clash to Boy George, as well as three Police album covers, including their first, released in 1978. Beckman later moved to New York to immortalize the emergence of hip hop, along the way capturing Debbie Harry and Keith Haring.Given her hustle and bustle, Beckman’s body of work stands an archive of rebel cultures, often capturing soon-to-be household names in their formative green years. Beckman long ago gathered the most arresting of these portraits in the Rebel Cultures exhibition, which opens next at FIORENTINI + BAKER in New York on September 8, 2016. Here’s an overview…Sex Pistols, Hyde Park, London, 1979Boy, Kings Road, London, 1979Mods on Scooter, 1976Boy George, Notting Hill Gate, London, 1981Debbie Harry, London, 1981The Police, Waterloo, London, 1978Joe Strummer, The Clash, 1981Keith Haring, NYC, 1985The Go-Go’s, Tail of the Pup, 1983Run DMC, Queens, New York, 1984B Boys, London, 1982EPMD, Babylon, Long Island, 1989Salt N PepaSalt N Pepa

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