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Going Plural | Alexandra Shulman

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On June 23, 2017, I left the community of British Vogue where I had spent the past twenty-five years as Editor-in-Chief. I stepped into the lift with a job title and stepped out unemployed. From almost the moment I finished my university degree in 1980 to that morning, I had been paid to be a member of an office staff, no matter how slight, on occasion, the day’s achievements may have been.  Now, for the first time, I am on my own, with every new job to win or lose.According to The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary that sits on the newly built shelves in the room at home that has been commandeered as my office, the term freelance is “used by writers to denote one of those military adventurers who in the Middle Ages offered their services as mercenaries, or with a view to plunder . . . ….

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