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Advantages of Age was created in March 2016, originally as a lifestyle website to provide a platform for older people who just can’t relate to the prevalent media narrative – that ageing means past-it, inadequate, invisible. Our community celebrates growing old gracefully but is equally at home with disgracefully. We’re individuals and we all shine in our own sweet ways, now seasoned by time and experience.

Advantages of Age aims to celebrate how far we’ve all come while recognising a need to address the damaging, anti-age bias of our society.

Living it large, living on a barge, living alone, living in a commune – we’re all going places, what’s age got to do with it? Only this – as ‘olders’ we have lived, we have experience, we have (statistically at least) accumulated property, influence, wealth.

Well, that’s what the statistics tell us, though no-one is a stereotype and every one of us has a story to tell, that the world needs to hear. We’ve won, we’ve lost, we’ve got it all back again – or not. We’re not to be placed in slots, we’re not invisible, we’re here and we want to get together and shout it out loud: We’re proud to have made it this far. These are the Advantages of Age.

In October 2017 we were incorporated as a social enterprise with the aim of improving
the well-being of older people, alleviating loneliness and helping those aged 50 -75 years (primarily) to feel valued in society. There are three main pillars to what we do:

Social – The Advantages of Age Facebook group of thousands of members, mainly based in the UK, engage in social activities and are incredibly active, both on and offline.

Publishing – The Advantages of Age website is the leading source for anyone seeking inspirational content related to ageing. Curated from articles from across the web and our own exclusive content, the site has been referenced by psychotherapists seeking to help their clients who are challenged in growing older.

Business – Advantages of Age received a small amount of funding to pilot a Business Academy and is currently seeking further funding to support older people who wish to start their own businesses.

Advantages of Age’s objective is to become the go-to organisation for those aged 50+ seeking to improve the quality of their lives – whether that be through joining social activities, the Advantages of Age training or simply by accessing the range of information available on the website.

Becoming a premium member helps to support our running costs while providing an opportunity to connect with other members, promote your business and take advantages of a range of discounts we have uncovered for you.  Click here to sign up and join us in helping to create an age-friendly society!

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