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AofA People: Mark Baxter – Writer/Filmmaker/PR

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Writer, film-maker, publicist and snappy dresser, Mark Baxter introduces us to his world aged 53. His books include The Fashion of Football which he co-wrote with Paolo Hewitt and has sold 9,000 copies.

What is your name?

Mark Baxter

How old are you?


Where do you live?


What do you do? 

I’m a writer, filmmaker, publicist

Tell us what it’s like to be your age?

Alright, actually. No complaints really.

What do you have now that you didn’t have at 25?

A wife and a more settled home life.

What about sex?

Doesn’t occupy the mind as much as it once did, but never say no if offered

And relationships?

My main one is solid and I have a few really good friends there if needed

How free do you feel?

I became self employed aged 45, 9 years ago now, and that is has worked out and yes, I feel freer now not confined to a 9-5 job

What are you proud of?

Personally, having a successful marriage and professionally having 9 books published and begin involved in 2 films in 12 years

What keeps you inspired?

The thought that is still more to do/achieve

When are you happiest?

On certain days, especially after a busy week, in my tiny urban garden

And where does your creativity go?

Into my projects.

What’s your philosophy of living?

Live and let live

And dying?

 I’m curious as to what happens next?

Are you still dreaming?

I insist on it

What was a recent outrageous action of yours?

I’m a good boy now, so nothing too much to report. I did help myself to a couple of plants recently on holiday. At least they went to a good home….


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