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This myth you make now,
this soup of old bones,
stretches like a necklace of islands strung out
over a watery grave, a garland of
ancestors, begging, pleading, healing.
And what you do now cascades up
and down your family line and stems
an evolutionary tide that washed up
waves of curses and vows, which put you
all, often violently, in your place.
Soon you too are gone. But first one question,
What will be your swansong?
Simon Heathcote

About Simon Heathcote

Simon Heathcote is a psychotherapist and healer who has developed a unique way of working, drawing on Jungian concepts, mysticism and archetypal psychology, to help return clients to their essence or deep soul. An award-winning writer, former newspaper editor and broadsheet travel writer, he underwent a profound inner journey of meditation which he brings to his work. He worked at The Priory Roehampton as an addictions therapist, speaking on Radio 4’s PM Show as an expert in sex and love addiction, and was involved in the UK Men’s Movement in its pioneering days in the 1990s. He is an initiated man and published poet and his mission is to restore soul to psychology. E: heathcosim@aol.com

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