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Number Crunching

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Just do the maths, they say,
as if you were failing to face up to harsh realities.

Just do the maths –
as if it was obvious to anybody with a brain.

Just do the maths – they say, these young men
in their smart suits with their dry eyes

as if you hadn’t thought things through
as if you didn’t know

that nothing adds up
when you’re counting down.

About Gill Capper

Gill Capper was a founder member of the all women's theatre group Cunning Stunts in the 1970s. In 1985 she was a winner in the Cosmopolitan Journalist's Competition. For the next 20 years she wrote freelance for Cosmopolitan, She Magazine, BBC Family Life and The Evening Standard Magazine. She is now a retired, single, dog-loving, breast cancer and psychopath survivor, living in the countryside where she refuses to do anything that is not thoroughly enjoyable. (Her book of comic essays -Dogalogue - is available on Amazon).

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