5 mn read

He Knew Me Better Than Anyone Else Has Ever Known Me

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read This time last year my best friend died. Scott Taylor, Canadian, dramatist, artist, pianist, cultural commentator, polymath, survivor of an abusive childhood, collector of Susuki vases, author of a 700 page as yet unpublished tome ‘Dismantling Mouths’, and, in his own words, ‘a neurotic’s neurotic’.  In January this year, I attended, virtually, a seven hour […]

5 mn read

Borrowed Light – Joining My Daughter’s Hen Weekend

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Earlier this year, in May 2022 – after a long winter of shielding and healing where I occupied an increasingly shrinking, but very safe-feeling world – I emerged, tentatively, into the sun. This process was facilitated in no small part by a group of bright, young women – my daughter’s closest and dearest friends, who […]

5 mn read

When a Book Changes your Life

Posted in Age is No Barrier

5 mn read It all began with a shocked, early morning wake-up. Of course, there is a back story, so it didn’t really begin then. But it did. Here’s the backstory. I had stopped working as a yoga therapist and yoga teacher after decades doing that inspiring work. Actually, I considered it sacred work, and still do. For […]

5 mn read

On Becoming a Wolf of N W London

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read This is a small tale; it might be somewhat true and other-what imagined. Some people may be lightly disguised to protect their privacy and/or sensibilities. I am, however appearing as my true self. I’m that line in the rolling credits that mostly people don’t bother watching, where it might read something like: Jon Snow – […]

3 mn read

The Year We Volunteered

Posted in Advantages of Age

3 mn read The Christmas BC, aka ‘Before Covid’, my Other Half and I decided we’d had enough of lolling about at home on our own every year, going nowhere and doing nothing, stuffing our faces with too much unnecessary extra food and binge-watching rubbish repeats on the telly. As the dreaded day approached, we roused ourselves from […]

9 mn read

Advantages of Age Awards Ceremony 2023 – the back story!!

Posted in Advantages of Age

9 mn read Yes, the awards were a dazzling success, well a flamboyant, warm, celebratory gathering and gave Suzanne and I lots of joy and satisfaction. A dazzling success in our terms of reference rather than a corporate one. To see what giving appreciation and awards do for small pro-ageing charities or individuals who often feel alone in […]

5 mn read

Decluttering his Paintings for Charity – Ray Postill

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Have you tackled ‘de-cluttering’ your life yet? It seems to be something many of us face up to in later life. Those precious mementoes from holidays with the dear departed that we’ve treasured for years in the hope of leaving as a legacy to a grateful offspring … suddenly don’t seem as desirable to the […]

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