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  • Q & A – John Baine aka poet/musician/activist Attila the Stockbroker John Baine, known by his stage name Attila the Stockbroker, is an English punk poet, multi-instrumentalist musician and songwriter. He performs solo […]

  • Pamela Des Barres, 74, is a musician and actress known for being an American rock groupie. In fact, she wrote a famous memoir I’m with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie which details her experiences in the L […]

  • I wish there were free public classes in household economising. My upbringing in remote North West England taught me a great deal about thrifty living. Our only heating was solid fuel, wood from the land, and […]

  • Widely published and winner of many prizes, 80-year-old Wendy Klein is a retired psychotherapist, born in New York and brought up in California. Since leaving the U.S. in 1964, she has lived in Sweden, France, […]

  • Janet Kelly, 61, is a writer and started writing novels in her 50s. She has four published books as well as a number of scripts in development. She tells us how much she’s enjoying her life in her early sixties. A […]

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    My father had just died of hospital-acquired Covid, my mother was in the depths of grief and clearly further developed in her dementia than I had realised. Towards the end of a working lifetime of being bullied […]

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    Ivan Pope is a writer, artist and long-distance cyclist who lives in Brighton. He originally graduated from Goldsmiths College Fine Art BA. He was involved with a number of early internet developments in the UK […]

  • ‘The one thing that gets me is, you just get six guys and a musician, and you’ve got a show. It all comes together ‘

    Syd Pochin and I are having a pint in a Battersea pub where House music is playing in the backg […]

  • Robin Thomson, 66, is a marvellous gentleman – he’s also a sculptor and a school technician. I met Robin on the plane to Morocco in 1985. He re-appeared at the performance of Dance Me To Death in Kensal Green Cem […]

  • Until the lockdown and the worldwide pandemic struck back in March 2020, I spent my life racing here, there and everywhere, barely stopping to study my surroundings. I have had a busy life with various jobs and […]

  • Gilly Hanna is a founder member of Grand Gesture, a performance company of older dance artists in London. She’s also an advertising copywriter; and in past decades has worked as an aerobics teacher and library a […]

  • Leah Thorn explains who OWR are. She started this inspiring group when she was 65.

    blood memory

    I am an old age, all age woman,

    no way past my use-by date.

    Walking in ancestral sisters’ footsteps,

    I am an a […]

  • Have you heard people talking about Tre? I have. So I invited Tre teacher, Sylvia Tillmann to explain.

    How are you post-pandemic? Well, not so post.

    I spoke with friends the other day about how we were – and s […]

  • What is your name:

    Antony Fitzgerald

    What is your age?

    57 years old

    Where do you live?

    London, UK

    What do you do?

    I am a full-time model but more recently I have been also doing styling and art direction at […]

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  • Now known as The Crumble Lady, Lorraine Bowen won David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent and has attracted tens of thousands of new fans of all ages; children are singing the Crumble Song at school, […]

  • This is the first in a series of our OUTRAGE opinion columns about what gets our personal goats as older people. Please do join in. Write to me at with your suggestions.

    It appears on […]

  • Name: Michele Kirsch Music Education Coordinator at The Premises

    From the time I started to listen to records and go to gigs, I was always the nutter, sticking her head in the bass amp. I thought when I started […]

  • Mish Aminoff Moon, 63, is an artist and photographer. She captures images every day with her camera – from her particular perspective, details of London life. She blogs at with her p […]

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