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Battling Pervasive Ageism | US News

5 Minute Read

Older people who have negative views about their aging live on average 7.5 years less than people with positive attitudes. In fact, they walk more slowly, experience memory problems and recover less fully from a fall or fracture, among other things. Their attitude literally pulls them down.

Read the full article here: Battling Pervasive Ageism | US News

Campfire Bugle: Reflections of life at 60 : Q&As to self

8 Minute Read

It’s hard to start any article written on the day I turn 60 without resorting to clichés and platitudes, so I thought I’d try a different approach. After spending a fair amount of time reflecting on life on a recent sojourn to Greece, I thought that I’d actualise some of those reflections and put myself on the casting sofa and attempt a few ‘Q&As to self’

Read the full story here: Campfire Bugle: Reflections of life at 60 : Q&As to self

Viv Albertine – To Throw Away Unopened | Faber Social

2 Minute Read

On April 5th we publish To Throw Away Unopened by Viv Albertine, the follow up to her best-selling memoir, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys. ‘Mum’s last moments ruined; my relationship with my sister irredeemable; and possibly the loss of my thumb. All big losses but nothing compared to what I was fighting for. What […]

Read the full story here: Viv Albertine – To Throw Away Unopened | Faber Social

Sweeter Memories

1 Minute Read

One of the greatest pleasures of age has to do with context and perspective. And memories.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people, places and things that hold special meaning to those of us with a bit of mileage on our meters.

A simple drive can provoke memories of a special anniversary in a particular restaurant, or the wonderful summer afternoon with a then-small child in a park. An otherwise un-noteworthy book on a shelf might bring to mind the giver of the gift, and the relationship it represents. A crunchy bite into a crisp apple provides a flash back to youthful tree climbing. And those songs – the ones that suddenly appear on the radio – bring you back to a first kiss, a wedding dance or even the bittersweet longing for a love long gone.

Age can bring physical challenges and employment anxiety. It can make one feel disconnected from current culture, and can enlarge a nagging feeling of creeping invisibility.

But age can sweeten as well. A glance into a lover’s eyes can trigger an encyclopedic spin of moments that race past like a photo album dervish – embraces, apologies, laughs, private encouragements and angers forgiven. Age allows a special kind of gratitude to emerge – one that can only come from the knowledge that another has chosen to share your path for many years. Young lovers may revel in their physicality and a shared sense of purpose. But age gives longtime lovers the gift of a deep, visceral satisfaction that is bone deep.

With age comes substance. Life is infused with a kind of emotional heft. The trivial and the temporary holds little allure. And while each new sunrise may bring with it the occasional physical ache or physic regret, the dawn is an old friend that beckons us to get back out there once again and share our unique selves. Life is music, we are the instruments, and our memories are the songs we love to play again and again.

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