5 mn read

Borrowed Light – Joining My Daughter’s Hen Weekend

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Earlier this year, in May 2022 – after a long winter of shielding and healing where I occupied an increasingly shrinking, but very safe-feeling world – I emerged, tentatively, into the sun. This process was facilitated in no small part by a group of bright, young women – my daughter’s closest and dearest friends, who […]

5 mn read

When a Book Changes your Life

Posted in Age is No Barrier

5 mn read It all began with a shocked, early morning wake-up. Of course, there is a back story, so it didn’t really begin then. But it did. Here’s the backstory. I had stopped working as a yoga therapist and yoga teacher after decades doing that inspiring work. Actually, I considered it sacred work, and still do. For […]

3 mn read

The Year We Volunteered

Posted in Advantages of Age

3 mn read The Christmas BC, aka ‘Before Covid’, my Other Half and I decided we’d had enough of lolling about at home on our own every year, going nowhere and doing nothing, stuffing our faces with too much unnecessary extra food and binge-watching rubbish repeats on the telly. As the dreaded day approached, we roused ourselves from […]

4 mn read

I’m Okay With Being Called Old – finding ways to re-imagine that word.

Posted in Advantages of Age

4 mn read Not long ago, I was discussing my 70th birthday celebrations with a male friend and I declared that I was old as part of the conversation. I didn’t mean it in that British understating-slightly-funny-because-I’m-embarrassed way, I meant it in a quietly proud way. He didn’t get it. He thought I was being self-effacing. No, you’re […]

2 mn read

AofA People: Ani Wilsher – Retired, Fashionista, Hostess, Flower Arranger

Posted in Advantages of Age

2 mn read Sometimes I just see someone in the group that I think would be interesting to ask to respond to our Q&A, and so it was with Ani Wilsher. She posted a brilliantly stylish photo of herself, and I invited her to answer our questions. If you’d like to answer them – in general, we like […]

5 mn read

When Musician and Producer Youth, Hit North Wales

Posted in Advantages of Age

5 mn read Martin Glover better known by his stage name Youth, is a British record producer and musician, best known as a founding member and bassist of the rock band Killing Joke. He is also a member of the Fireman, along with Paul McCartney. Recently, he arrived for a five day tour of North Wales. Contributor, Elizabeth Shanley found a way to […]

3 mn read

AofA People: Richard Cabut – writer, playwright and musician

Posted in Advantages of Age

3 mn read Richard Cabut is a writer, playwright and musician. He has written for the Guardian, the Telegraph, NME and Zig Zag under the pseudonym Richard North. Age I have just turned 63 – late March, Aries. Where do you live? Sunny southeast London, Honor Oak Park, SE23 – near Forest Hill, Lewisham, a walk away from […]

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